"Office School" ?

I’m not sure where or who first used the term “home school” with The Angel, but about every six weeks, she asks me if and when she will every be home schooled. I always give her the same answer, “I have no idea” and “I hope never”. 

To be frank, homeschooling has always intimated me and one of the things I always beg God not to call me to do. 
But He saw fit to give me a daughter to think that homeschooling is her personal garden of Eden. 
Because of our summer schedule, The Angel has been in church camp, day camps, etc. for the last five weeks. With our family vacation scheduled at the end of July, there was a three week lapse in what we had scheduled for The Angel. The Hero and I talked about what to do while we were at work and the answer seemed to return to her spending her days with us at our offices. 
So I told her we were giving her a reading list and buying a couple of work books to give her a boost before third grade and she’d be spending her days at the office with me, doing some school work and reading. 
I thought she would scream, protest or profess eternal boredom. 
She’s upstairs as I type, packing a back pack, sharpening pencils and giving The Dinosaur the 411 as to what home schooling looks like when your mom works a full time job.
Lord, this is only 3 weeks. 
3 weeks. 
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