Secret Pin Boards for Creativity

Secret Pin Boards for Creativity

So you’ve probably fallen in love with Pinterest by now. It seems as though everyone I know has succumb to the addiction of pinning beautiful pictures to specific places on the web. While I love the food recipes and the 1001 ways I’ve decided to redecorate every room of our house, I have also started using Pinterest for writing as well.  I use it to pin writing prompts, sayings to get me motivated to write, and character types for characters I want to write about.

Probably my favorite feature from Pinterest is the option to make a board (or 20) secret. This means only you can see the pins on a particular board until you are ready to release them to the world. You can also choose to always keep them private.


gentle rain


In order to keep my ideas for both fiction and my non-fiction works, I have a LOT of Pin boards dedicated to characters I want to write about, story ideas and even pictures that spark ideas for future blog posts.

I’m a weird classification of writer. I love non-fiction, blog posts and putting information together in a succinct format. This makes sense to the structured, “lawyer” side of my brain. But I also have a fantastical time writing mythical creatures, daring adventures and a love story that surpasses time and space. These are all really scary concepts to release into the world, but yet, it doesn’t keep me from doodling my own stories about them.

I’ve read several really good posts about Storyboarding a novel by using Pinterest. Here is one example. Here is another that details 20 Pinterest boards with Storyboards of upcoming novels as a way authors are using Pinterest to drum up excitement about their writing.


So how do you use Pinterest for all of your writing/creating ideas? Do you use secret Pin boards?

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