Simple Summer Indulgences

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Simple Summer Indulgences

I think I had a bad misconception about summer. In May, I believed no school for the kids would mean less things to do come June. Like most every other thing in parenting, I misjudged it.

We are busier now than when they were in school and I often find myself thinking “where is our pause button?” Between soccer camps, church camp, skills training for soccer and sleepover with friends, we are constantly in the car. Writing full time has been one of the biggest joys of this year, but I am still working while the kids are on summer break.

Most mornings, I do not have the time to wait on the coffee pot. Which is why the MAX Indulgence by Maxwell House is so fantastic! It is amazing mocha, amazingly fast and curbs my cravings for all things coffee.

MAX Indulgence 1



It is dissolvable in hot water, so you simply fill up your tumbler or mug and spoon in the goodness. There are two new flavors, S’More and Mocha Salted Caramel. The taste is fantastic and it is nice to save the extra money not driving through the drive through for expensive coffee.

Learn More About Mocha Salted Caramel

Mocha Salted Caramel is the favorite around here. I am really excited about the kids being at church camp next week because while they may not be able to settle down this summer, mommy does. And I plan to do it poolside.

MAX Indulgence 2


Be sure to look for MAX Indulgence by Maxwell House at your local Walmart and see which flavor is going to be your summer indulgence and learn more here. What are some of your favorite simple summer indulgences? Leave me a comment and let me know, because we can never have too many sweet treats!

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