The Staircase

The Hero and I came home from Ethiopia early on a Saturday morning. The following Friday we closed on a new home. It seems as though it has taken forever to get moved in and unpacked (which we are still not finished doing). While Daddy and I seem to be consumed with unpacking toys, clothes, and our 7 years together of mess, the kids are consumed with one thing:
the staircase in the new house.
It has been a slide, a launching pad for throwing a variety of items, and a stage.

Yesterday, The Angel and I were playing paper dolls, when The Dinosaur came running through the living room like this:
Yup. You guessed it. That is a plastic Halloween bucket on his head. He headed to the top of the stairs, holding a plastic baseball bat, sliding down the stairs on his belly, squealing with delight.

After the third time, The Angel’s interest was sparked, and I was left holding the paper dolls and searching for my camera.

For almost an hour, they giggled and slid and added “flair” to their sliding uniforms.

I cannot wait to see what the staircase becomes next.

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