Stocking Up On Fall Necessities

Stocking Up On Fall Necessities 

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My husband tells me that he will not move me outside the limits of a city until after our kids are grown and out of the house. His reasoning? Because the only thing I cannot get shipped to our house is milk and if we lived in the middle of nowhere I would never leave the house.

I continue to debate why this is such a bad thing. I hate going to the store and fighting around people and shopping carts. Because I always end up forgetting half of what I came for in the first place.

Fall is also the worst time of year for our family scheduling wise. The kids are in sports full swing and the month of October might as well be checked off our calendar already because we will not be home for a weekend together until after November.

So when announced that you could now shop online and have it shipped, I did a happy dance around my living room. Not only did I not have to leave the house, but I also didn’t have to worry about lugging huge bags of dog food up and down the front steps! Hashtag #momwin! now offers everything from fall decor to Thanksgiving necessities and everything in between to make your game day, Halloween party, holiday meal or Thanksgiving feast a major success.

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This time, I stocked up on the things that I just knew we needed but I kept forgetting at the store. Dog treats, makeup remover pads, taper candles for my fall tablescape and of course Halloween candy, in case we actually make it home from soccer in time to trick or treat. And if not, Mama can devour it all by myself.


I also ordered a new essential oil diffuser because adding clove, nutmeg and cinnamon bark to make my house smell like the pumpkin patch my family will never make it to this year.

Do yourself a favor and head on over to fill your online cart with everything you need this holiday season and then pat yourself on the back for all the time and money you just saved, without having to leave your couch! I saved over $30 and at least an hour buying at and I may just never leave the house again!

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