Summer Packing List With Cottonelle

Summer Packing List – What I Must Have

What is it about summer that sometimes seems crazier than the school year? In the last month, we have packed for summer camp, vacation, soccer camp and a few day camping trips. This week, we are headed to the beach for a last minute family “reunion” of sorts.

Beach Road Trips Are The Best!

After the last few trips of hitting the road and discovering the lack of toilet paper in almost every location we have been, I came up with my own summer packing list. At the top of that list is toilet paper because I am determined to never run out again this summer! There have been several times that I have stopped at a gas station and found little to no toilet paper on the roll!

Not anymore! I have taken to putting a roll in our beach bag, each of the kids camp bags and even a smaller roll into my purse. Not only does this help make packing easy, but it also insures that we never run out when we are on the go!

Cottonelle has a great coupon on Ibotta now, which allows for $1 off a 12 pack of super large rolls. I’ve have written about my love for Ibotta and how much money you could save.

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Save Time Packing This Summer

Need to save even more time before you hit the road this summer? ¬†Then you have got to check out Walmart Online Shopping and Pickup! If you haven’t done this yet, then you are wasting time at the grocery store. Simply go online at a Walmart in your area and put everything into your online shopping cart. Then drive to your designated store and without getting out of the car, pick up your order. In and out of a grocery store in less than ten minutes? Yes please!

Are you headed out someone on the road this summer? Let me know!

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