Summer Road Trip Essentials

Summer Road Trip Essentials

I will never understand why we always take vacation at the very end of the summer. By the time it finally rolls around, it seems as though we have waited forever to hit the road. Because our kids are still in school and we are not made of money, our only way of travel with them is by road trip. Because I love to plot and plan out stopping points, meals and sights to be seen along the way, there are a few summer road trip essentials everyone needs to pack.

Beach Bag and sun glasses Lorissa's Kitchen - road trip essentials

Individual Bags

Yup. In our car, everyone, including mom and dad have their own individual goodie bags. Filled with games, markers, a deck of cards and snacks. Because this trip to the beach is only 9 hours and not our usual 14 hour trek, we are going to make it all in one day. Which means not a lot of stops.

That is why these Lorissa’s Kitchen snack bags are perfect. We are all pretty obsessed with the Sweet Chili, but to be honest, it is because I ate all of the Szechuan Peppercorn and didn’t let anyone else try it out. Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks contain 11 grams of protein and are a great way to add some additional protein even while binge watching movies in the back of the car. There are four different varieties and you can learn more about them here.

I love these kinds of snacks so much more than junk food, because there is not the sugar rush and sudden emotional ¬†blow up at the end. You can find out where to purchase Lorissa’s Kitchen products in your area, by clicking here.

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Song PlayList

We never hit the road without our own, pre crafted, ultimate summer playlist song list. The kids and I spend hours going through our favorite music and before we hit the road, there are tons of songs that we can plug in and just sing along with while were are driving all those miles. This will be the first time in several years we have been back to the beach, so our tunes are directly coordinated around a beach trip musical theme. I am sure you can guess that Cake by the Ocean was one of the first additions!

So what are you up to this summer? What is your favorite summer snack to keep road trip hunger at bay?

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