Sweetness of Sundays

Sweetness of Sundays 

What are Sundays like around your place? This day of the week in our house holds the most special of places in our lives. Sunday mornings are lazy enough around here. Late breakfasts, extra cups of coffee before church and hanging out in our pajamas for elongated periods of time are all common. Then suddenly, the hurried rush of the after church activities are on us. The sweetness of Sundays seem to get us through the rest of the week.

Do you begin to get itchy sometime around Sunday afternoon? Does the thought of heading back to the office tomorrow seem to have come too quickly? This seems to happen to me personally EVERY. SUNDAY. AFTERNOON. Where does the weekend sneak off to every week? Friday comes and then Saturday blurs with laughs, kids and their activities and suddenly I’m staring at Sunday afternoon. Wait? Afternoons? What happened to the sweetness of Sunday mornings?

Sweetness of Sundays

Sunday afternoons are usually reserved for all of the preparations needed for the week ahead. Homework has to be reviewed, laundry caught up, lunches packed and the house put back in some semblance of order. Picking up our rooms, walking the dogs and the occasional hike or downtown Oklahoma City adventure to capture more of the weekend. Then it is gone. The bedtime routines are in fully swing of teeth brushing, prayers, and all of us fighting the impending status of a new week.

In an attempt to capture our favorite memories of the weekend, we are starting a new tradition for Sunday evenings. We’ve always played a version of high/low at dinner times. You know? Where everyone goes around and tells the high and low about their day. But for Sundays, we’ve begun saying what made the day the sweetest. An event, a verse we discussed at church and yes, on the Sundays when were are rushed and hurried, dessert on the table can help.

What do you do to harbor the sweetness of your Sundays? Wishing you all the sweetness of today and the strength to face a Monday!

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