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You know those people who meet online or in real life and you just know one another’s hearts? That’s how I feel about my friend Wynne. We’ve actually hugged in real life once and spent the rest of a weekend being in the same circles but so busy at a conference we didn’t have time […]
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Often, when we are so wrapped up in grief, things slip past us. The concept of time can slap us right in the face and we are scrambling to put things together for an event or holiday. Worse, at times, we just wish the event/holiday/social gathering/appearance would altogether disappear. While I adore my baby boy […]
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I wonder if all parents have ridiculous expectations of their children. I know I did.  Ok.  Most days, I still do.  Adopting The Angel and The Dinosaur was The Hero & I’s first foray into the world of parenting. I had amazing hopes and dreams. Crayons, giggles, painting toe nails, family vacations, attachment with cuddles […]
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