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 Yesterday was my second birthday without my dad and little brother. Last year Dad had been gone less than three months when September 11 came. I wanted to do nothing, celebrate nothing and altogether forget the word ‘celebrating’. As a family, we were never huge party throwers for birthdays anyway, but Dad always brought flowers, […]
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It appears that Oklahoma has officially entered into spring. Everything is changing colors. The weatherman reports warmer temperatures are here to stay. People are out walking their dogs, playing in the parks and buzzing with the hype of impending summer. We are spending more time outside with soccer and gardening. The thrill of watching things […]
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Often, when we are so wrapped up in grief, things slip past us. The concept of time can slap us right in the face and we are scrambling to put things together for an event or holiday. Worse, at times, we just wish the event/holiday/social gathering/appearance would altogether disappear. While I adore my baby boy […]
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