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This is the view from my front porch this morning. Even though it’s less than three weeks since Christmas, a blah had settled over our house. A holiday let down you might say. Having my sister and bro-in-law in for the holidays was amazing, but the kids adjusted hard to them leaving. The Hero and […]
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First day of November. Time to start carving up the jack-o-lanterns to make way for pumpkin pie. Time to start listing the things we’re thankful for and making trips to the grocery store to gorge our families again. Time to be reminiscent of memories passed and gathering those still with us together to make more […]
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Before I was a mom, I was an aunt. It is still one of the favorite titles attached to my name. Before The Angel and The Dinosaur came home, our niece and nephew were with us almost every weekend. Now that our nephew is 16 and driving, I feel like we are always begging to […]
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