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Free Printable-Story + Table “O Holy Night” It’s Wednesday and I’m sharing my love for some of my favorite women on the web and what they do! Today I’m honored to share the artistry and ministry of Story + Table.  And because who doesn’t love free stuff? I do and this free printable is just […]
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    To Non-believers this Christmas season, I need you to know: Christianity is more than Starbucks cups. I feel as though I must once again apologize for a portion of my fellow believers who have once again lost their shit, uh minds (we’re not supposed to cuss) about another ridiculous issue. The internet farted […]
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 It was a Tuesday. The Oklahoma air was so cold it would take your breath at the inhale. My brother had left us two days earlier. It seemed like a lifetime and a mere second before Tuesday. Someone had suggested Thursday for the funeral, but my sister had more of her wits about her than I did in that moment and had objected. […]
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