That’s Your Job.

Almost 250 books have left my hands in the last two weeks.
Another 500 are being distributed by Amazon, and several private book stores.

I am excited, humbled and amazed that you all have been walking this journey with us.
The Hero asked me what I was going to do when this was over.
When all 1000 books are sold and we’ve chosen a site for the well.
I told him I really wasn’t sure.
A really great friend is leaving for Ethiopia in the coming months.
She offered to take a copy of the book with her and read it to K.
It sounded great.
K would see the book in record time and would have a copy to keep.
I was telling The Hero her offer the other night.
He let me finish.
“Linz. Reading your book to K is only one person’s job.
I love it when he’s right.
Just the thought of another trip to Ethiopia makes my heart leap.
I don’t know dates or times or length.
But the last copy of my book left in my possession is already spoken for.
Lindsey Andrews
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Attorney & Author. Always in search for daily joy.


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