What They Need to Know

The last few weeks have been hard. Too hard.
The “R” word has come up a lot.
Too much.
Too often.
We knew it was coming.
It was in her grades, on her lips and on her teacher’s face.
But last night it was in writing. Scrawled in black ink.
“Retention for 1st grade.”
Our hears sank.
Her sweet face dropped.
There were tears.
But after weeks of planning, discussion, meeting with tutors and talks with her teacher,
we are all together on this.
We’re going to have one more year of 1st grade.
It bothers the Hero.
It bothers the Angel.
And the Dinosaur doesn’t know any different.
But here’s the truth ya’ll:
Please hear me again when I say:
“I DON’T CARE!!!!”
Before you scroll to the bottom and leave me some comment about parenting, or retention, or some other opinion about why any of this should bother me; save it.
I still don’t care.
Before you blow off my previous statements as flippant or uninvolved, please understand.
We highly value education. I personally have a love affair with learning.
I want to give that too my daughter. And to my son.
It just isn’t going to be today.
There are no delays. No medical issues holding her back.
Just one more year of growth in an academic setting.
One more year getting her feet wet in a social environment.
One more year of alphabets and simple addition.
And she’ll only be seven in June.
And she’s only known English for 365 days.
This mama is completely at ease with her progress.
And whether I bore her myself or not, I still would have this opinion about retention.
So as we were discussing options these past weeks, I got to wondering what it was I want my babies to know for this life.
And the truth is…
nothing on my list was to be found in a book.
It’s all found in THE book.
What I really want my kids to know:

Above all else…Love.
Be completely humble Ephesians 4:2
Compassion come to me that I may live. Psalms 119:77
Dance Jer. 31:4
Eagerly wait 1Cor 1:7
Faithful Proverbs 28:20
Grateful Ps. 100:1
Hope 1 Peter 1:21
Injustice Slayer Hosea 12:6
Joyful Habbakuk 3:18
Know the Lord is with you Joshua 22:31
Live a life of Love. Ephesians 5:2
Maintain justice Amos 5:15
Never be shaken Ps. 15:5
Obey [their] parents Ephesians 6:1
Patience 2 Timothy 3:10
Quiet life. 1 Thessalonians 4:11
Rejoice Forever Is. 65:18
Sing Ephesians 5:19-20
Trustworthy 1 Timothy 3:11
Universally Love John 13:34
Walk Humbly Micah 6:8
Xpress love in all things 1 Corinthians 13:1-3
Yearn for the Lord Ps. 84:2
Zealousness Ps. 69:9
So as we prepare for one more year in first grade,
we will continue to focus on our education,
both for school and for our souls.

Lindsey Andrews
About me

Attorney & Author. Always in search for daily joy.


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