When There Is No Love Left For Valentine’s Day

When There is No Love Left For Valentine’s Day

Can we just all agree Valentine’s Day is entirely overrated? I am all for celebrating love and cutting out paper hearts and baking red and pink treats for my kids’ lunches. I’ve never been one to need a specific date in February to be reminded of that. Apparently, I am in the minority.

As we are not yet through our family’s personal stash of uneaten Halloween candy, I’m not ready for another barrage of gifts to be passed out to my kids’ classmates. I’ve also never been able to wrap my mind around how much the price of 12 roses spikes during this time of year. Being a divorce attorney, I am also intimated with how many people are all out of love every February 14. In fact, there are whole lot of folks who’d rather not discuss the status of their hearts.

While many are buying chocolates and overspending on more unwanted presents, a lot of people don’t need another reminder of the love they haven’t experienced. Whether it is a failed relationship, losing someone you are close to or just being fed up with the amount of nonsense in the world, I get it. Valentine’s Day can feel less like a holiday and more like one more day to get through.

For me, it’s because every February 14 reminds me of my first Valentine. You see, Valentine’s Day was my Daddy’s holiday. He showed up every second week in February and he showed up big. Valentine’s Day meant flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and a card, etched in his flowing script of love. He did it so well and for so long throughout my life, I came to expect nothing else from anyone else. My husband was stunned the first time I told him I didn’t need him to make the day over the top for me. It was Dad’s thing and while I appreciated the gesture, save his money and we’d go to dinner the week following.

This year will be my second Valentine’s Day without a card, roses and a box of chocolate goodness from my favorite old man. It’s as hard to take this year as it was last year and it will be hard all of the days of love from here until I see him again. That is what sucks so hard about grief. It may be less traumatic but it is still no less present with the passage of time.

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Hubs asked me last night what we were going to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I told him the same thing I told him last year: we’re going to love on each other and we’re going to do it well. We will buy the kids special treats and he will bring my daughter flowers. We’ll buy a bottle of champagne and toast he and I’s 13th Valentine’s Day together. Then I’ll re-read some of my favorite cards from Dad and probably tear up a little and be thankful for all the love surrounding me here and in the heavens.

There’s always love around us. Choosing to see where and how that love is working in our lives is up to us. It also has nothing to do with a certain day in February. Wishing you and yours days and then years of love.

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